Our intention is to create
unique pieces that last over time


Our Story

Habitables was born in 2010 with the desire to manufacture and market the ideas and projects designed by us, our intention is to create unique pieces with the best possible quality. Based on a totally local production, we want to recover the old and little by little craftsmanship and quality work, in these days of current madness.

Our Mission

I believe the future lies in the hands of "manutailers," manufacturers who become retailers and sell directly to the public. Internet connect producers and users seamlessly; they level the playing field and make furniture production sustainable. I can't compete with many well-known brands in terms of price, but I can certainly compete in terms of quality, durability and, above all, exclusivity.

Custom-made furniture

Our favorite thing to design is custom furniture for our clients; it's very powerful and interesting. We enjoy the process of sending the client sketches and photos of the actual production.

Insured by plane

We ship worldwide

We are experts in making high-quality solid wood furniture, but we are also experts in safe packaging and shipping. We ship our merchandise insured, by plane, all over the world. Estimated manufacturing time 4-6 weeks. Shipping time 1 week


with details

Most of our hardware is designed for us, today, at the time of mass production, the supply of quality hardware had collapsed, so we had the need to manufacture our own hardware.We also love leather, we have in Spain most of the best leather and craftsmanship in the world.

The Team

Manuel Barrera


Iñaki Fresno


Juan Manuel García


Juan Carlos Cuenca


Vladimir Apitz